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    How to host ZERT training events in your area.


    All of the instructors and support personnel at Z.E.R.T. are passionate about providing high quality, basic to advanced training to those that wish to improve their firearm and survival skills. We realize that not all areas of the country have access to this type of training, so we would like to take training to those areas where Z.E.R.T. members wish to train.

    In order to have a successful program, in areas that we are not familiar, we need the assistance of Z.E.R.T. members. We may not know of ranges, classrooms, etc. that are necessary for many of our courses and that's were you come in. Working together, with Z.E.R.T., to bring training to your area will allow you to take part in training, tuition FREE.

    Keep in mind, that we can customize a course for your needs.

    Z.E.R.T.'s ability to provide a comprehensive cost effective training program hinges on the co-hosts ability to share in logistical requirements of the training. Z.E.R.T. does not have elaborate training facilities so it relies completely on the co-host Z.E.R.T. member to provide at a minimum:

    • Adequate classroom space with tables, chairs, and a large screen or a blank wall.
    • Practical training and exercise areas such as a firearms range, abandoned homes, office buildings or schools.
    • Outdoor/Indoor Range 50 yds /minimum 25yds
    • 15 shooters Minimum. (Z.E.R.T. will help you advertise)
    • Shooting stands for the class and target materials
    • All necessary audio/visual equipment. (as needed)
    • 8 weeks minimum to market
    • Note: Range fees are the responsibility of the students, not ZERT. Class host/coordinator is responsible to communicate this.

      *Reserve/Inspect/Coordinate Training Range and Supplies: As the class coordinator, all range and equipment arrangements will be handled by you. This includes reserving a classroom, range, targets, and props. The host group will provide targets and paint.

    Z.E.R.T. will provide:
    • Instructional staff, as well as their meals, lodging, and travel expenses.
    • Course coordination, registration, and invoicing of course participants.
    • Preparation and distribution of student materials, certificates, etc.
    • A Custom Z.E.R.T. Class T shirt with State logo's for each student.

    Z.E.R.T. will invoice each student directly at a course fee of $*** per student via the Z.E.R.T. website. Payments on course(s) via the website are non refundable. A Z.E.R.T. team member will work with the host to help ensure all aspects of planning and conducting the course are covered to help ensure a successful event. One complimentary slot will be awarded to the co-host for each 15 paying registrations that are reserved in advance. The course may be cancelled by either Z.E.R.T. or co-host with 30 days prior notice.


    How much does it cost to host a course?
    Hosting a course costs nothing; zero. Unless you incur some expense for the range, classroom, or spreading the word, hosting a course will cost you nothing at all. The fee for the course, that you host, is from the other registered students.

    How many free slots do I get for hosting?
    You will receive one free slot for 15 paid students, unless other arrangements have been made. Sometimes we specifically plan a course for less than 7 students (a team for instance). For a course like that, we would make special arrangements.

    What is the minimum number of students for a course?
    Generally we would like to see a minimum of 15 paid students. However, the minimum number of students depends upon the course, its location, and how far we have to travel to reach your area.

    What do you expect from me?
    We ask that you assist us in promoting the course in your area, which is basically making a few phone calls, sending a couple of e-mails, or sending faxes to neighboring Z.E.R.T. squadrons. Z.E.R.T. will help promote the class via the website and it's social media outlets to spread the word to as many people as possible.

    We also ask that you assist us with the logistics. If a classroom, range, etc. is required for the course, we ask that you help us secure use of one.

    Reserve/Inspect/Coordinate Training Range and Supplies: As the class coordinator, all range and equipment arrangements will be handled by you. This includes reserving a classroom, range, targets, and props. The host group will provide targets and paint

    Note: Range fees are the responsibility of the students, not ZERT. Class host/coordinator is responsible to communicate this.

    A recommendation of two hotels, which will be provided to students, is also appreciated.

    What does Z.E.R.T. provide?
    Z.E.R.T. will field all of the calls, handle all of the registration and student invoicing.
    Z.E.R.T. will help with the promotion and advertising of the course via our media outlets.
    Z.E.R.T. will fly out a Tier 1 or Special Operation Instructor to teach the following classes of your choice:

    • CQB 1.0 Tactics only
    • CQB 2.0 UTM live fire
    • CQB 3.0 Low light/no light
    • CQB 4.0 Irregular Warfare Rifle ($15.00 up charge due to everyone receiving a Gas Mask to keep with the Class)
    • Precision Rifle/Sniper course
    • Rifle/Pistol Class
    • 2 Man Team Tactics Class
    • Rifle Operator Class
    • Pistol Operator Class
    • Shotgun Operator Class
    • Combatives and Edged Weapons course
    • SERE Basic Survival Class on request (Mr. White is currently deployed)
    • Urban survival course
    • Medical/First Aid training

    EXAMPLE 1 Day Class:

    • Outdoor/Indoor Range 50 yds /minimum 25yds -Host site
    • 15 shooters Minimum
    • Shooting stands for the class and target materials-Host site
    • $249 per shooter- Your spot in the class is free for hosting
    • Need 8 weeks minimum to market-HOST and Z.E.R.T.

    2 Day or custom courses are available on request, price to be determined. Hosting requirements remain the same.

    How much advance time is necessary to host a course?

    We like to offer as much advance notice to Z.E.R.T. members as possible, but we need at a minimum of 8 weeks in order to plan and promote courses.

    How do we get started?
    Contact Z.E.R.T. by clicking here. If you have a course in mind or if you haven’t decided yet, we can talk about your needs and wants, and the logistical requirements of various courses. We can also talk about scheduling and your requirements.

    Sponsoring Info:
    Sponsoring a course allows your group to have a “private” course. Course participants can be limited by you, so the minimum participation would not apply.

    Your group of people would be responsible for the course fee, the registration of students and invoicing. We would negotiate a set price for the training and would deliver the course for that negotiated price. Our expenses would still be our responsibility. By Sponsoring a course, we can more easily customize a course to the specific needs of your group. Course prerequisites would apply where applicable.
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